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Small robots that help make work easier and make life more fun


We are geeks with years of experience in software and a love of hardware and all things robot.

We love to solve problems and to turn ideas into tangible solutions. So we figured, why not build crafty little robots that take care of the things that don't require a human, and empower people to spend their time where it really matters.

Our first commercial Robot

BeamBot is our first bot- it is a UVC robot that sanitizes balance beams, keeping them safe for our gymnasts and saving coaches time and gyms money.

We are currently in Beta with the fantastic owner and coaches at Buckeye Gymnastics and are ready to expand our Beta BeamBotz presence to other gyms. Please contact us below if you are interested in participating in our Beta program. 

Botz Videos

Botz Videos

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All Categories

BeamBot running the beam at Buckeye

Red BeamBot

Blue BeamBot

Contact Us

We have a limited run of Beta BeamBotz available for pre-order now.


Interested in our BeamBotz Beta program or have an idea for a bot you'd like to create with us? 

We would love to hear from you!

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